Toddler Room



                                        Toddler Room


In our toddler room we offer an enjoyable environment for children to learn through play and engage and interact with each other. The toddler room is registered for 8 children aged 2 and through our key worker system each child can build a strong relationship with the staff.

We work closely with parents to ensure their child has every opportunity to succeed while they are in our care.

It is very important for us to make sure the children are safe and cared for; this is done through a 1:4 ratio.

We like to keep the children busy and challenge them through different activities such as painting, messy spaghetti and gloop!!

We like to use the environment around us and so we take the toddlers to different places for them to explore.

We go on walks around the village, we feed and help look after Nancy and Bilbo the nursery ponies and sometimes we travel on our bus to the Deep!!

Come and see what we get up to! View our Facebook page to see all the fun we have!